La Notte - Les Retrouvailles "troisième édition"

Thursday 12 May 18:00 - Le Village

*Free entrance*

La Notte - Les Retrouvailles "seconde édition"

This year again, "La Notte" will be back at the Mithra Jazz Festival. Dino Palumbo, formerly well known for having been the boss of the Piano-Bar "La Notte" in Liege for many years, will once again make us vibrate to the sound of a pleiad of musicians and singers who made the beautiful years of Liege by Night.
The second edition of the "La Notte" reunion will take place on Thursday 14 May from 7pm, on this occasion, Dino Palumbo will share his latest formation with you... Les canailles, musicians who don't take themselves seriously but who take music very seriously, and throughout the evening, prestigious guests will also appear, of whom we'll let you be the surprise.

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