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may 2024




Regina Club


When cicadas appear, they cause trouble and it is difficult to escape their characteristic trance of 120 dB of noise and pulsations. Then the hypnotic sound disappears with the insects. One cycle ends and silence sets in, but the next one is already beginning underground. This is where the cicadas mature and await metamorphosis. Cykada's debut album was highly acclaimed by the BBC, Red Bull Music, Clash Magazine, Worldwide FM, The Vinyl Factory, Qwest Tv and many more.

The day before the first lockdown, the guys from Cykada had started recording their new album and, with restrictions increasing, they hid underground waiting for the right time to come back. Fall 2023 was the best time to return with the long-awaited new album: Metamorphosis.

Cykada has forged a unique and contagious sound. Combining indie, jazz and electronic music with global inspiration from West Africa to Eastern Europe, adding rhythms and riddims from sound system culture and the spontaneity of jazz, we get a new dynamic mashup like nothing we've ever heard before. Cykada brings together members of Ezra Collective, Maisha, Levitation Orchestra, Zurito and Myriad Forest.


Jamie Benzies - Bass guitar, Vocals

Tim Doyle - Drums

Javi Perez - Electric Guitar

Tilé Gichigi-Lipere - Keys, Electronics

James Mollison - Tenor Sax

Rob Milne - Tenor Sax/ Bass Clarinet / Flute

Axel Kaner-Lidstrom- Trumpet