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may 2024



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    Four great pianists share 2 pianos and 2 Fender Rhodes for an exclusive and enticing collaboration. Each in their own style, these keyboard musketeers have left their mark on the history of French jazz. One example of this? They each have a Victoire du Jazz award on their mantelpiece. Baptiste Trotignon won in 2003, Pierre de Bethmann in 2008, Eric Legnini in 2011 and Bojan Z in 2012.

    Since their inaugural concert at Tourcoing Jazz in 2019, the quartet has already played thirty dates, not forgetting their performances at major jazz festivals such as Marciac, La Villette, Monte-Carlo and Jarasum in South Korea.

    With a repertoire mischievously mixing standards and personal compositions, the four comrades promise an album worthy of their sonic battles celebrated on stage. Brace yourself!