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may 2024

Ife Ogunjobi




Ife Ogunjobi

Ife Ogunjobi is a London musician born of Nigerian parents whose music is an amalgam of the sounds that have surrounded him. Growing up in south-east London, his environment enriched his music with various genres such as jazz, afrobeat and hip-hop. Influenced by Fela Kuti, Erykah Badu and Roy Hargrove, his musical concept eliminates the barriers between different musical genres and depicts an authentic sound.

Ife's debut EP, "Stay True", released on September 14, 2023, is a testament to his authenticity and loyalty to his roots and upbringing. It blends the Fuji and Afrobeats influences of his Nigerian heritage with elements of Jazz and Hip Hop that influenced his London upbringing. This vibrant and dynamic EP is rooted in being yourself unconditionally, through triumphant and exhilarating melodies, invigorating grooves, virtuoso solos and irresistible rhythms.

A key contributor to the London scene, Ife is a fifth member of Ezra Collective, who won the Mercury Prize 2023 for their album "Where I'm Meant to Be". In addition to touring and recording with Ezra Collective, he has also performed at sold-out stadiums such as Madison Square Garden, with the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy.